What We Offer

When you shop at European Deli & Produce Market you’ll always find quality products & the best deals in Calgary!

Varieties of different meats sit on display in European Market Deli & Produce

Our European Deli

A large selection of European Sausages, Dry Salami, Smoked Beef, Smoked Chicken, Head Cheese, Double Smoked Bacon, Blood Sausage Mortadella, Veal Balogna, Kabanos, Pepperoni, Garlic Sausage and much much more.

A large selection of our meats comes from Barilo’s Fine Sausages where their meat is guaranteed to be smoked with natural wood, soy free, no MSG, Gluten or Lactose.

We also support many local Meat suppliers.

The deli also boasts a very large selection of fish, most of it is imported from Latvia. Some of our specialties include Smelt, White fish, Cold Smoked Salmon, Cold Smoked Mackerel, Laveretus Fish, Sprats, Capalini, Cold Smoked Sturgeon, salted mackerel and much much more.

Our Produce

In the spring and summer our produce is more than 80% locally sourced. We do our best to support local Alberta and BC farmers and to sell the freshest produce at the lowest prices.

Various products sitting on shelves in European Market Deli & Produce

Dry Grocery

Our Grocery Department is filled with many items from home. We have a large selection of goods from Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Moldova, Latvia, Germany, Israel, Romanian, Croatia, and many more. We boast over 165+ teas from around Eastern Europe, over 400 different choices of chocolates and candies, and over 60 different kinds of imported specialty cakes. We carry a wide variety of grains, jams, honey, pickles etc.

We also have a large Dairy section with 20% sour cream, Tvork, Kefir, Imported Cheese, Eastern European Bread, Local Farm Fresh milk, Kefir, yogurt, heavy cream.

European Deli also carries Locally farmed Colony Chicken, Geese, Duck and locally produced farm fresh eggs.


At European Deli & Produce Market we are committed to friendly service & quality products.

We only stock the most fresh and highest quality products. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we do our best to source products locally. You’ll always find a great deal as well. Take a look at our specials below.

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